Tilda Swinton

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Best bits:

“And I was just about to reply to this letter and I went up to say goodnight to my children, and they were 8 and a half at this moment, and my son, who is a very fanciful being, said to me – I was giving him a dream * mimics tracing a circle on his forehead*(…) – and he suddenly said to me: “mama, what were people’s dreams like before cinema was invented?” and I.. *mimics head exploding” it was uuuunbelievable and I went downstairs and I wrote a reply and I said “hold.. your horses” ”

Bit about conversations that last through the years and movies being the afterthought/materialization of those conversations

Bit about planting your feet.”I learnt that – and this is very heavy – I learnt that the mountain does come to Mohammed”.
” (…) you’re reaally bringing yourself with you, you’re not leaving yourself outside.


Conquest of the skies

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-note to self: remember the arches of the wings

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