The Image Toaster

March 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

The Image Toaster

The Image toaster is a project by Scott van Haastrecht which sees a toaster search the internet for an image related to an event happening during that day and toast it on your bread as a 6×6 pixel image. This way, you will be gently reminded of those important dates you might not want to miss.

The rationale behind this project, which sees a ubiquitous household object reimagined to incorporate technology in a light, non-pervasive manner reminds me of Kenya Hara’s predictions of how technology will be incorporated in daily life in the future: not as a series of mind boggling virtual screens following you round the house and annoying you with useless updates, but as a thoughtful redesign of the objects around us that reinvents their functions to reflect the beliefs (concerns and interests) of a post-consumerist age, incorporating sophisticated technology that becomes invisible in the process. This sort of object belongs in a future where the manufacturing of objects is less concerned with the function and more with the artistic and aesthetic value- a world in which we would see an expansion of our human sensibility over the objects that surround us that is fuelled by our imagination.


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